The Beginnings

​The passion for engaging in the creative process via websites started at a young age for founder and lead designer Zach Marino. It has stayed active for his entire life. However starting in 2015, he started to reach out to a few friends about helping them with their websites, you know, as a side hustle. After successfully launching a few websites under the name “BrunoXDesigns,” the opportunities started to grow. Over the last two years BrunoXDesigns has relaunched multiple websites, created many new ones and recently has grown into doing more graphic design work. 

Zach Marino
Founder/Lead Designer

The journey has really just begun as BrunoXDesigns is not just Zach, it’s a team of awesome people who are committed to bringing the creative dreams of people from paper to people; done with excellence, clarity and integrity. This team slowly starting developing in a 2018 when more projects started to present themselves. Below is the current BXD team:

Team BXD

Abbi Simons
Sr. Graphic Designer
Emma Smith
Jr. Graphic Designer
Greg Atkins
Sr. Website Designer

Our team isn't just about providing services to earn extra income, we are focused on meeting the needs of others through our hard work and earnings. We commit at least 10% of our profit to organizations we believe in and want to support. By working with us, you don't just get an amazing design experience, you directly impact the lives of people around the world who are in greater need than us. Below are the organizations we have partnered with and the list will continue to grow as we are blessed by future opportunities. 

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